360 ° WORLDS

360 ° Virtual tours, virtual reality and live streaming

Immerse yourself in razor-sharp
sharp virtual reality

With state-of-the-art 360 ° technology, our professional 360 VR camera offers realistic insights and unlimited application possibilities. Razor-sharp images down to the smallest detail - as if you were right in the middle. Would you like to offer unique camera recordings from every perspective for your website, for your corporate film or a high-resolution 360 ° live stream? We would be happy to advise you on 360 ° worlds on a new level for your company.

360 ° virtual tours, virtual reality and live streaming


360 ° services: what we offer

What services can we offer for 360 ° video productions? Quite a lot. Just click into the offer that appeals to you. Scenes in real time open up fantastic visual worlds for every 360 ° solution.
360 ° virtual tours and tours

360 ° virtual tours
and tours of all kinds

360 ° Google Street View

360 °
Google Street View

360 ° Virtual Reality (VR)

360 °
Virtual Reality (VR)


360 °

360 ° live streaming

360 °
Live streaming

All kinds of 360 ° solutions are possible on request

360 °
All kinds of solutions on request


Quality without compromise for crystal clear images

Quality without compromise for crystal clear images

We trust the most modern camera technology for our 360 ° solutions without compromise.

  • 8K 3D VR
  • HDR video + photo
  • FlowState ™ stabilization for stable images
  • 360-degree audio recording with four internal microphones
  • 360 VR live streaming
  • GPS for Google Street View


360 ° solutions for all industries

With 360 ° technology, all companies can provide their customers with unimagined experiences and stand out from the competition. Take a stand with strong images.

  • Healthcare / Doctors
  • Gyms
  • Company: Production tours and factory tours
  • Gastronomy
  • event Locations
  • Property developer
  • Car Dealer
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Recreational facilities
360 ° solutions for all industries


What advantages do companies have with our 360 ° offers?

360 ° wide range

Wide range!

Whether social media channels like YouTube, Facebook & Instagram or your own website: with all-round recordings you can easily reach more people.

360 ° interesting


If you want to reach your target group, you should stand out from the competition. With 360 ° technology you have all the options. And by the way, you convey your brand and advertising message. Or you can reach your employees playfully via e-learning.

360 ° effective


Sure, a normal video would somehow do the same. But if you are honest, you will notice that 360 ° recordings are simply more exciting, more beautiful, more exciting. And that's why the viewers love them too and just watch longer.


360 ° virtual tours and tours

360 ° virtual tours and tours

The best prospects for your company. Whether you want future employees to get a taste of your company or if you want to encourage customers to visit: you are exactly right with virtual tours. Humans are visual beings. If we like what we see, it creates trust and enthusiasm. Exactly the right communication tool for companies, businesses and campaigns.

We also take care of the post-production, i.e. the fine-tuning of the image recordings (rendering, retouching, etc.) and the installation of preferred functions for you.

Experience interactively: numerous possible highlights and extras

  • Include detailed information with info points
  • Dynamic display of information
  • Integration of videos and pictures
  • Integrated booking systems, availabilities
  • Contact options from chat to phone call to contact form
  • Shop connection via online shops
  • Music or narrator
  • Game and quiz functions

360 ° VR

360 ° Virtual Reality (VR)

A special addition to our 360 ° tours is the virtual reality experience. With a smartphone or 3D VR glasses, viewers can immerse themselves even deeper in the virtual experience. Move through rooms and grounds as if you were there live. Nothing is as real as reality - but our 360 ° world is impressive.

360 ° Virtual Reality (VR)


360 ° live streaming

360 ° live streaming

In real time and right in the middle? You can do that without physical presence. With VR live streaming has never been easier. Uninterrupted and reliable.

  • Streaming directly to Facebook, YouTube and other supported VR live streaming platforms
  • Stream live and record at the same time
  • 8K HDR VR livestream at 30fps


360 ° e-learning

360 ° e-learning is becoming increasingly important. Virtual learning is an effective and comparatively inexpensive method not only for schools, but also for companies. You can quickly train many employees, virtually train them directly on the product. Theory becomes practice and questions become answers. Train and educate yourself innovatively!

360 ° e-learning

360 ° GOOGLE

360 ° Google Street View

360 ° Google Street View

Google plays an extremely large role in strategic online marketing. If you want to show your business to potential visitors, customers, employees and the public, we support you with recordings from our 360 Google Street View camera. Invest once - and you will open your doors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • We integrate your virtual tour with Google Maps
  • Create transparency and trust
  • Strengthen visibility on Google
  • Appreciation, especially compared to competitors


Aiming high: high-resolution experiences from a bird's eye view

With our drone, we create brilliant photos and videos for you in the best 4K quality. Discover the many possible uses for your industry.

Drone recordings